Frequently asked questions.

The below tabs show the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the services we offer.

How much deposit will I need?

At present your minimum deposit will need to be 5% or 10% of the property you are buying.

How much will solicitors cost?

On an average purchase without stamp duty you may pay around £1200.

What's the best interest rate?

Mortgage advice is not based around the cheapest rate. We pride ourselves on recommending the best deal that suits your circumstances.

Why do I need this?

These policies are designed to pay you out when illness’ take hold of your life. They take away any financial burden you may be experiencing, allowing you to concentrate on recovery.

How much will it cost?

Policies are personal to the client’s needs & circumstances. We work with you and your budget to design a plan that gives you the desired pay out, this way you are not committing to anything unaffordable.

What if they don't pay out?

The only reason these policies won’t pay out would be due to non-disclosure or fraud. Other than that the policies will pay you out for what are in the policy definitions

What is income protection?

Income protection is similar to a private sick pay policy. It is designed to pay you out on a regular monthly payment if you are off work through accident or sickness.

Won't I owe more than I borrow?

Potentially, there are many different types of mortgage under the equity release scheme. finding the right one is all included in the advice process

Is it expensive?

Typically equity release requires specialist advice and involvement of solicitor so it can be more expensive than your typical mortgage.

Why do you recommend the involvement of family?

Equity release is in essence a debt. It is important that the beneficiary of your estate is aware of this and it does not come as a surprise if they were to inherit your estate.

Whatever you require, we're here to help create your legacy.