Income protection

Your cover can potentially pay you out a regular lump sum of money throughout the term of the policy should you suffer an accident or illness that makes you unable to work, think of it like a private sick pay policy.

We love income protection at Legacy.

Income Protection covers both physical and mental health. Just think, this policy will allow you to pay all your bills maintain your familys lifestyle whilst recovering at home without the added stress of your employer sickpay running out and you having to make a premature return to work.

How does income protection work?

Income protection will cover a proportion of your annual earnings, up to a certain age (most commonly retirement age) the policy will continue to pay out a regular income until you are either medically fit enough to return to work or your policy comes to its end in many years to come.

It’s the policy that protects your bill, commitments and lifestyle should life throw its obstacles at you.

Who needs income protection cover?

Honestly? Every working person, no matter what type of sick pay your employer provides it will come to an end.

We work with many NHS & Police professionals all who have 6 months full and 6 months half sick pay all of which need policies.

What happens once your sick pay ends? The government will pay you £95.85 per week* for 28 weeks. That often leaves clients in a predicament – do i pay my mortgage or my bills or my food shopping but never all 3.

Whatever you require, we're here to help create your legacy.