Home insurance

Home Insurance is combined of buildings & contents insurance.

Buildings insurance is a mandatory insurance when purchasing a property by mortgage to ensure the property can be rebuilt in the event of a claim. we use a number of insurers to provide you with a policy to match your budget.

How does home insurance work?

Home Insurance protects the building you live in and the contents within.

You will have cover for a host of scenarios, this could include fire, theft and accidents.

In the event of a claim your advisor will help liaise and guide you through the claims process with your
recommended insurer.

Who needs home insurance?

Building & contents insurance can be taken out separately, this means that anybody who lives in a home may need either a buildings, contents or a combined property.

Own your property? Buildings & contents is ideal Mortgaged property? Buildings & contents is also ideal Rent a property? Contents insurance means all your personal belongings can be protected.

Whatever you require, we're here to help create your legacy.